Beaster is a man in a bunney out fit and an easter gift in The Nightmare.

His weapons are: ( All weapons can be unlocked with Bollers)#Knife

  1. Revolver
  2. Shotgun
  3. Grenades
  4. Crates (3,000 shotgun kills)
  5. AK-47 (4,000 grenade kills)
  6. Barrels (6,000 AK-47 kills)
  7. Baseball Bat (10,000 barrel kills)
  8. Minigun (12,000 baseball bat kills)
  9. Crossbow (15,000 minigun kills)
  10. Mortar (20,000 crossbow kills)
  11. Chainsaw (20,000 mortar kills)
  12. Cluster bomb (Mystery lock)
  13. Carpet bomb (Mystery lock)
  14. Railgun turret (Mystery lock)
  15. Flamethrower (Mystery lock)

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