Boxhead 2 Play (Weapons)Edit

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Here are the Boxhead Weapons.                          

1.Pistol-Pistol could be useful for last enemies for you that you cannot loose othere ammo for other weapons.

2.Uzi-Uzi is useful for defending your self against Devils.

3.Shotgun-Shotgun is most useful in fighting in corners and defeating an army of Zombies.

4.Barrel-Barrel is use full to block enemies,Fire your pistol after covering enemies,Fire your pistol directly at the barrel to explode the zombies.

5.Grenade-Grenade can be useful against many zombies to explode those zombies.

6.Fake Walls-Fake walls are useful for blocking the enemies.

7.Claymore-Claymore is useful to explode zombies too.

8.Rockets-Rocket is useful to explode thousands of zombies.

9.Charge Pack-Charge Pack is like a claymore but you are going to click "Space" to activate the bomb to explode.

10.Rail Gun-Rail gun is a gun that looks like a laser which you can kill a line of zombies.

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Boxhead 2 Play (Weapon Upgrades)Edit

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Boxhead 2

Picture Of Boxhead Upgrades

Writed Upgrades:

Pistol+:Fast Fire

Pistol+:Double Damage

Uzi+:Rapid Fire

Uzi+:Double Ammo

Shotgun+:Fast Fire

Shotgun+:Double Ammo

Uzi+:Long Shot

Barrel+:Double Ammo

Shotgun+:Wide Shot

Barrel+:Big Bang

Grenade+:Cluster Explode

Shotgun+:Long Shot

Barrel+:Quad Ammo

Fake Wall+:Double Ammo

Uzi+:Quad Ammo

Shotgun+:Quad Ammo

Grenade+:Double Ammo

Shotgun+:Rapid Fire

Barrel+:Bigger Bang

Grenade+:Big Bang

Claymore+:Cluster Explode

Uzi+:Double Damage

Shotgun+:Wider Shot

Grenade+:Quad Ammo

Fake Wall+:Quad Ammo

Claymore+:Double Ammo

Shotgun+:Double Damage

Grenade+:Bigger Bang

Claymore+:Big Bang

Rocket+:Fast Fire

Uzi+:Infinite Range

Claymore+:Bigger Bang

Charge Pack+:Cluster Explode

Claymore+:Quad Ammo

Rocket+:Double Ammo

Charge Pack Double Ammo

Rocket+:Big Bang

Charge Pack+:Big Bang

Charge Pack+:Quad Ammo

Rail Gun+:Fast Fire

Rail Gun+:Double Ammo

Rocket+:Quad Ammo

Uzi+:Quad Damage

Charge Pack+:Bigger Bang

Rail Gun+:Rapid Fire

Rocket+:Bigger Bang

Rail Gun+:Quad Ammo

Rocket+:Rapid Fire

Rail Gun+:Long Shot

Maps Edit

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• Gladiator

• Strip

• Tight

• Columns

• Castle

• Big Boxy

• Recty

• Patchy

• Forest Box

• Tight 2

● Massive ( Only)

● Thin Line ( Only)

● 4 Castles ( Only)

● The Strips ( Only)

● Big One ( Only)

• Boxy

• Buttons

• Mazey

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