Boxhead: Bounty Hunter

Boxhead Bounty Hunter is the 6th Game Series of Boxhead, designed & developed by XGen and a game by Sean Cooper.It is not also referred as the 7th Online game because its an online game which you can chat & kill humans.


The player can choose between Login, in which you use your own player and Quickplay, in which you select a preset player (Bambo, Bind, etc.).The player can also play as a zombie, a mummy and a Devil (Earned with X-cash, virtual money by the sponsor of Boxhead Bounty Hunter). The player can choose a variety of weapons, but must find the in-game money (earned by killing other players) to buy Weapons, upgrades or add Ammunition. Each game lasts about 10 minutes.

Bounty Points - Are earned by killing players with high Bounty Points or Killing Wanted players.BP are used in order to become a Wanted.

Wanted - Are earned by passing the last wanted player which is the 100th Player.You need 100K+ in order to join it,depends on how much the 100th player has.

XCash - Are used on buying premium items in Boxhead: Bounty Hunter.Can be earned or obtained by paying or doing a quick survey.

Premium - are used or bought by paying XCash.When Devil costume is bought it stays forever but buying of other premiums will only last 1 Week.


Server Edit

There are 4 Servers in BBH. There names are Squaresville,Boxhead Blvd. ,Rubix Noob and The Block Europe

Here will be shown the Popularity of each Servers

1.)Squaresville (Most Joined Server & Most Popular Server)

2.)Rubix Noob (Training Server & Appearances of Wanted Games)

3.)Boxhead Blvd. (Were you play if your not ready for Pro players)

4.)The Block (Europe) (Dead Lobby,Dead Server)