Jinny is a senior citizen in The Nightmare it discribes her as "There may be snow on the roof but a fire in the furnace"

Her weapons in The Nightmare are: (All can be bought with Bollers)Edit

  • Sword
  • Shotgun
  • Sandbags (3,000 shotgun kills)
  • Grenades (Reach a multiplier of 200)
  • Barrels (4,000 grenade kills)
  • Hammer (6,000 barrel kills)
  • Handbag (10,000 hammer kills)
  • Baseball Bat (12,000 handbag kills)
  • Crossbow (15,000 baseball bat kills)
  • Bazooka (20,000 crossbow kills)
  • Flamethrower Turret (20,000 bazooka kills)
  • Chainsaw ( Mystery unlock)
  • Carpet bomb ( Mystery unlock)
  • Flamethrower ( Mystery unlock)
  • Rocket Turret ( Mystery unlock)

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