The shotgun icon

The shotgun is a wide spread gun. It is great for hordes, and is an easy gun to obtain. They shoot 4 bullets at once (More at later upgrades.). It is arguably the second strongest weapon in the game (with the Railgun /Minigun being the strongest), especially with the fully automatic upgrade some of the games utilize.

Upgrades Edit

Boxhead The Rooms Edit

  • x10 - Shotgun unlocked
  • x30 - Shotgun bigger shots

Boxhead More Rooms Edit

  • x10 - Shotgun unlocked
  • x18 - Shotgun fast fire
  • x21 - Double ammo
  • x31 - Wide shot
  • x35 - Long shot
  • x41 - Quad ammo
  • x43 - Rapid fire
  • x51 - Wider shot
  • x56 - Double damage

Boxhead Zombie Wars Edit

  • x5 - Shotgun unlocked
  • x17 - Auto fire
  • x32 - Double ammo
  • x47 - Wide Shot
  • x62 - Rapid fire
  • x77 - Long range
  • x92 - Quad ammo
  • x107 - Wider shot
  • x122 - Double damage

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